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Break from the Busyness

chains breaking

If work is your life, then how do you disconnect? If you are challenged to let go even when you “aren’t at work,” perhaps it’s time to explore why. The reasons for your inability to disconnect matter. Check out my SmartBrief blog this month if you find yourself challenged to let go—even for a weekend. You might find the three tips for disconnecting from your busyness as life-changing as a busy Silicon Valley exec did.

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What People Are Saying

jim   |   31 October 2018   |   Reply

Susan, I value your motivation perspectives and articles on leadership. The Take a break from busyness, I get a lot too. Loved your 3 key points, listen, why and energy. I also like to add a 4th. Change “have to” and “must do” to “Get to” and “choose to” more liberating and empowering – comes from Covey’s Habit #1 about proactive language and changes the way we think. I get to do an expense report” – some people don’t have jobs or expenses covered. “I choose to play with my son now” – I have choices and if we Have to, must or gotta do – it weighs us down.

Anyway – thank-you for your insights.

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