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How to Identify Someone’s Values

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“I wish I could just ask him for his credit rating, type of car he drives, and his BMI (body mass index)”, my friend Deborah once said. This was her clever way to screen a potential online dating candidate. For Deborah, asking about those items would clue her into his values regarding responsibility and financial security, status and health. While she was just joking, she tapped into my theories on values and how to identify them. Aligned values are key to building meaningful  »  Read More

How To Make Incentives Work

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The VP of sales whispered to me, “I’m about to be embarrassed.” I looked at him quizzically. He continued, “I’m about to announce the incentive plans for selling our new product. I didn’t realize you’d be here. I know how you feel about incentives.” I nodded in agreement. I am an outspoken, and published, advocate for the body of evidence proving how detrimental external rewards are on performance. Whispering back, I asked, “Why are you offering incentives?” I could read the  »  Read More

What’s the best-kept secret of leadership?

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Can you make the two columns of numbers add up to the same total by swapping just two cards? Take extra credit if you can solve it without looking up the answer online. Take extra credit if you’re savvy enough to find the answer online.     The solution to the puzzle is the same as the best-kept secret of leadership! This secret saves you time and wasted effort on everyday activities. Still need a clue? Below are three clues in the form of research-based best practices that  »  Read More

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