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Flip the Feedback

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You face a big problem when it comes to feedback. Recent studies reveal that in the workplace, most managers don’t like giving feedback—especially when it’s critical or reinforcing direction already given. Worse, when managers do give you feedback, they aren’t good at it—despite the money, time, and effort that’s gone into training them to deliver effective feedback. Why continue to depend on others to give you the feedback you need to develop and grow? Maybe it’s time you flipped  »  Read More

How to Generate Positive Energy

How to Generate Positive Energy thumbnail

Asking what motivates Ivan to work fulltime while going to school fulltime with another job on the side, is asking the wrong question. Asking why he works so hard gets to the heart of Ivan’s motivation—and what science validates is most important for generating positive energy. Learn Ivan’s secret to help you achieve your own goals  »  Read More

What’s the “Why” of Your Job?

What’s the “Why” of Your Job? thumbnail

Collecting silly kid jokes becomes a pastime when you have young ones in your life. “I’ve been trying to memorize the alphabet, but I only know 25 letters. I don’t know why.” Check out this month’s SmartBrief blog to find out why that joke was top of mind this week and how it’s related to something you need to do at work every day, here. Read the article here  »  Read More

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