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HIPO Programs Suck

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After decades working with self leaders and consulting with organizations on how to help them flourish, I have a few strong opinions about what works and what doesn’t. One of my primary pet peeves—HIPO Programs—is the topic for this month’s SmartBrief article. If you are a HIPO, I’d be curious to learn how you were selected as a “high-potential” employee. What characteristics do you have that make you higher potential than your coworkers? If you aren’t a HIPO, what are you? How does that make you feel? If you are a manager or HR professional responsible for selecting HIPOs, while I meant no offense, I wonder how you will react to my post: HIPO Programs Suck—Here’s Why.

Read the full article on SmartBrief here: http://smartbrief.com/original/2017/11/hipo-programs-suck


Image Credit: Samuel Zeller/Unsplash

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