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Take This Little Motivation Quiz

Can you answer these six questions about motivation? I will be posting answers and explanations over the coming weeks.

Before taking the quiz, please consider this question: Why are you taking this quiz? When you think you understand your reason, go for it!

A. Motivation is …

  1. A skill
  2. Inherited
  3. Like intelligence—either one has it or they don’t
  4. All of the above


B. The three Psychological Needs required by every human being to thrive regardless of gender, generation, or race are …

  1. Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
  2. Mastery, Membership, and Meaning
  3. Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence
  4. All of the above


C. Common practices that undermine people’s Psychological Needs are …

  1. Applying pressure and demanding accountability
  2. Ignoring feelings
  3. Discount learning
  4. All the above


D. Managers cannot motivate people because …

  1. They don’t have enough resources
  2. People are already motivated
  3. They don’t have the skills
  4. All the above


E. A best practice that helps people shift to an optimal Motivational Outlook is …

  1. Praising
  2. Status building
  3. Framing deadlines as information rather than a form of pressure
  4. All the above


F. Viable strategies for self-regulation include …

  1. Personal incentives and rewards
  2. Promoting mindfulness, aligning with values, and connecting to purpose
  3. Competition and treating work like a game to be won
  4. All of the above

I have heard from managers who are holding book study sessions using the Discussion Guide with these six questions and my book, Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work… and What Does. The Discussion Guide is on the Resource page of this website—you can download or email the PDF to group members. I would love to read comments on your experiences and insights. And feel free to pose your own challenging questions to spur conversations.

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