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The Difference Between Engagement and Motivation Matters. Here’s Why…

The Difference Between Engagement and Motivation Matters. Here’s Why… thumbnail

During my presentations on the science of motivation, I am almost always asked to explain the difference between motivation and engagement. It’s a fair question. To read my answer, check out this SmartBrief blog  »  Read More

How to Stop a Bad Habit

How to Stop a Bad Habit thumbnail

Eliminating potato chips, sugar-filled soft drinks, and cheesy comfort food seems like a logical plan if you need to lose weight. But even when we desperately want to accomplish a goal or give up a bad habit, we succumb to outdated, ineffective, unproven, or disproven theories of motivation. Find out how the compelling new science of motivation can help you stop a bad habit. You may find the truth of it simple and remarkable. Click here to read the full  »  Read More

Promoting Optimal Motivation in Others

Motivational author and expert, Susan Fowler, describes the type of questions you should ask individuals as they consider their psychological needs while pursuing desired outcomes.

Breakthroughs in Motivational Science

Motivation Author and Expert, Susan Fowler reveals two of the most recent discoveries in Motivational Science  »  Read More

Motivation as a Skill

Motivational Author and Expert, Susan Fowler, describes the Three Skills needed to produce a healthy motivational outlook in life and at work.

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