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The Motivation Science Behind the “Tidying Up” Craze

The Motivation Science Behind the “Tidying Up” Craze thumbnail

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo’s tips for tidying up, perhaps you’ve been too buried under piles of clutter to notice. I’m only partly joking. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing has sold eight million copies worldwide—even in already-tidy Japan. I discovered Kondo’s book several years ago and it didn’t take long to deduce why I fell under her spell. Kondo’s KonMari approach to organization aligns perfectly with the science  »  Read More

Are You a Compassionate Leader?

Are You a Compassionate Leader? thumbnail

A television ad got me asking myself: Am I a compassionate person? As you consider the leader you want to be in 2019, I hope you will expand on my question by asking yourself, “Am I a compassionate leader?” Read what research reveals about compassion, and why it matters—especially at work, in my latest SmartBrief  »  Read More

Flip the Feedback

Flip the Feedback thumbnail

You face a big problem when it comes to feedback. Recent studies reveal that in the workplace, most managers don’t like giving feedback—especially when it’s critical or reinforcing direction already given. Worse, when managers do give you feedback, they aren’t good at it—despite the money, time, and effort that’s gone into training them to deliver effective feedback. Why continue to depend on others to give you the feedback you need to develop and grow? Maybe it’s time you flipped  »  Read More

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