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The Case for Just-in-Time Leadership

The Case for Just-in-Time Leadership thumbnail

Even when you have the best of intentions, research shows you may have blind spots when it comes to developing your staff and helping them achieve their goals. This month, my SmartBrief blog explores how to take advantage of “Just-in-Time Leadership.” If you are leading in the face of disruption, change, and higher-than-ever expectations for innovation and performance, practicing JIT Leadership may be the answer. But, beware, JIT Leadership requires shifting your focus from traditional  »  Read More

Creating a Great Work Environment

Creating a Great Work Environment thumbnail

Can you think of the best experience you ever had in a work environment? How would you describe it? How about the worst work experience? How would you describe that time? To understand the dynamics underlying the best and worst working experiences, identify a major goal or project you were working on in the best of times. Then, diagnose your development level on that goal. Which of these four levels of development best reflect your competence and commitment on the goal or  »  Read More

How to Identify Someone’s Values

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“I wish I could just ask him for his credit rating, type of car he drives, and his BMI (body mass index)”, my friend Deborah once said. This was her clever way to screen a potential online dating candidate. For Deborah, asking about those items would clue her into his values regarding responsibility and financial security, status and health. While she was just joking, she tapped into my theories on values and how to identify them. Aligned values are key to building meaningful  »  Read More

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