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What’s good about divisiveness

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During a recent workplace discussion, I was “accused” of being an elitist. When my accuser couldn’t tell me what he meant by the term, I offered, “I came from a poor family, put myself through college by working and taking out loans that I repaid in full, teach in a university Master’s program although I only have a BS degree, travel the world, think deeply about my beliefs and values, and have strong opinions that I love to share and am open to exploring. Does that make me an  »  Read More

Can people really change?

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A zebra never changes his stripes. A leopard can’t change her spots. People don’t change, they just reveal their real selves over time. Are these statements common wisdom or gross misunderstandings of human nature? What about the Frog and the Scorpion? A popular story told to explain that people can’t change their basic nature begins with the Scorpion asking the Frog for a ride across the river. The Frog responds, “Are you kidding? Of course not! I know you, Scorpion, and you would  »  Read More

Why think like an owner if you aren’t one?

Why think like an owner if you aren’t one? thumbnail

Of all the values we ask employees to embrace, perhaps the most challenging for them to relate to is ownership. If you own the company or have a position where you’re responsible for your organization’s corporate vitality, the ownership value makes a lot of sense. You want people to think and act as owners. You hope they will accept personal responsibility for keeping costs low, innovation high, and profits growing. But most of us don’t own the company we work for, so why should we care  »  Read More

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