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When Reality Smacks You in the Face

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The CEO rejected my proposal by explaining, “Susan, your problem is you keep creating nine-ton elephants for two-ton cages.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This man was putting the kibosh on a cutting-edge product based on his limited perspective and lack of imagination. What did he know about instructional design? He might not appreciate my creativity and the impact it would have on participants’ learning, but others did. I had just accepted the Lifetime Achievement Award from  »  Read More

Why are managers such lousy motivators?

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My team and I went to SavvyRoo, a cool site where people can enter their question and rank other people’s posts, and we asked leaders for their top question about workplace motivation. Out of hundreds of questions, this one surfaced in the top 10: Why are managers such lousy motivators? Most of the entries asked about how to motivate people. But this question tugged at the deeper issue of why motivation is such a challenge. There’s good science to explain why managers are typically lousy at  »  Read More

What’s good about divisiveness

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During a recent workplace discussion, I was “accused” of being an elitist. When my accuser couldn’t tell me what he meant by the term, I offered, “I came from a poor family, put myself through college by working and taking out loans that I repaid in full, teach in a university Master’s program although I only have a BS degree, travel the world, think deeply about my beliefs and values, and have strong opinions that I love to share and am open to exploring. Does that make me an  »  Read More

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