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Is My Feedback Motivating? Part 3

Is My Feedback Motivating? Part 3 thumbnail

Posting this series of blogs scared me a bit. The value of using pure informational feedback* over other forms of feedback almost always triggers an emotional response. Over the past five years, respected colleagues have tolerated my position, refused to consider it, or outright disagreed with it for philosophical reasons. However, I stand firm in the knowledge that personalized feedback* such as praising and disapproval are inferior forms of feedback that promote suboptimal motivation at best  »  Read More

Is My Feedback Motivating? Part 2

Is My Feedback Motivating? Part 2 thumbnail

You might be feeling sad or even angry if you read Is My Feedback Motivating? Part 1 of this three-part series. You may outright disagree with the assertion that personalized feedback is risky and potentially undermines a person’s optimal motivation. I remember justifying praise by asking leaders, “Have you ever heard someone complain because they got too much praise?” It always got a laugh, and leaders left with good intentions to praise their people more often. But then, I actually did  »  Read More

Is My Feedback Motivating Part 1

Is My Feedback Motivating Part 1 thumbnail

Does giving feedback cause you to toss and turn at night, procrastinate on delivering it, disappoint you when it doesn’t make a difference, or frustrate you because it instigates an argument? No matter what your role, you are probably in a position multiple times a day to give people feedback about their past or current behavior—with the hope of motivating their future behavior. If providing feedback is part of your job or something you do in your personal life almost daily, why can it be  »  Read More

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