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What Top Performers May Have In Common With Rowdy Ronda

What Top Performers May Have In Common With Rowdy Ronda thumbnail

If you don’t know who she is, take a moment to look up Ronda Rousey. Even if you’re not a sports fan, Rowdy Ronda has been hard to miss—U.S. Olympic medalist in Judo, UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, actress in movies starring lots of tough guys, the most dominant active athlete in 2015 (male or female) according to two publications, and ESPN 2015 poll winner as the Best Female Athlete Ever. In 2015, Ronda won six fights in a row, putting her opponents away in under 1,100 seconds and  »  Read More

Who Are Your Employees Playing For?

Who Are Your Employees Playing For? thumbnail

As the young man ducked his head getting into the elevator, I recognized him immediately as a new face on my favorite pro basketball team. I don’t seek out celebrity sightings and have never asked for an autograph, but like most people, I think it’s fun to see someone in person that you’ve watched on television. I couldn’t help ask him about the dismal circumstances of his team. “You must have been thrilled to be drafted by such a legendary franchise to play with  »  Read More

Resent Valentine’s Day? Read This

Resent Valentine’s Day? Read This thumbnail

If you resent Valentine’s Day, you might appreciate Mark’s story. It began over a decade ago… I described the Spectrum of Motivation model* in a training session, when Mark raised this question: “My wife loves Valentine’s Day and wants to celebrate it with the romantic dinner, a gift, flowers, chocolates—the whole thing. I love my wife all year long, so what makes this one day special? I hate it. Retailers created February 14 to sell stuff during a slow month. Is this a good example  »  Read More

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