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What if You’re a Cynic?

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Curious if you’re a cynic or not? Click on my SmartBrief blog to find out. Discover the impact of being a cynical leader through my interview with Dr. Drea Zigarmi—and what his recently published research reveals cynical employees don’t do. More importantly, you’ll find alternatives to workplace cynicism that threatens your and your employees’ well-being, productivity, and innovation. Read my SmartBrief post here:  »  Read More

The Case for Just-in-Time Leadership

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Even when you have the best of intentions, research shows you may have blind spots when it comes to developing your staff and helping them achieve their goals. This month, my SmartBrief blog explores how to take advantage of “Just-in-Time Leadership.” If you are leading in the face of disruption, change, and higher-than-ever expectations for innovation and performance, practicing JIT Leadership may be the answer. But, beware, JIT Leadership requires shifting your focus from traditional  »  Read More

Creating a Great Work Environment

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Can you think of the best experience you ever had in a work environment? How would you describe it? How about the worst work experience? How would you describe that time? To understand the dynamics underlying the best and worst working experiences, identify a major goal or project you were working on in the best of times. Then, diagnose your development level on that goal. Which of these four levels of development best reflect your competence and commitment on the goal or  »  Read More

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