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Do You Encourage People to Ask for Help?

Do You Encourage People to Ask for Help? thumbnail

A recent—and thrilling—life experience compelled me to share a personal story in this month’s SmartBrief blog. Motivation science helps explain what happened, but even without the science, I hope you might be prompted to ask for help when you need it. I also hope you might encourage those you lead to ask for help. You all have much to gain beyond increased productivity as you experience the joy of interdependence and contributing to the welfare of  »  Read More

How to Sell Your Solutions

How to Sell Your Solutions thumbnail

Your boss delegated an important project to you. Flattered to be trusted with the assignment, you also have grave concerns because of other priorities and limited resources. What do you do? Smile insincerely as you mumble obscenities under your breath. Lament that your manager doesn’t have a clue about what it takes to do your job. Dive in and hope for the best. Complain to your coworkers in the lunchroom. Implement Proactive Problem Solving—a tried and true technique for selling your  »  Read More

Gratitude is a Choice

Gratitude is a Choice thumbnail

As solid science becomes popular knowledge, chances are you’ve read about how the quality of your life improves profoundly when you experience gratitude according to empirical research. But, I’m concerned that misperceptions or misleading interpretations about gratitude are being perpetuated through ill-informed articles and blogs. My SmartBrief blog tackles some of these misconceptions to help you develop the skill of gratitude. You’ll learn that gratitude is a choice. And, I hope  »  Read More

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