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Where Values Come From

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Have you thought about how you got your values? You need to investigate where your values come from for three important reasons. Values influence your motivation to lead and ultimately the legacy you leave. Every decision you make is based on a value, whether you realize it or not. Your decisions are based on the cognitive standards of what you consider better or best versus good or not good. Problems attributed to miscommunication are often just the opposite. Most problems arise from clearly  »  Read More

Eating My Words on Praise?

Eating My Words on Praise? thumbnail

I have been on my soapbox for years warning you to stop saying the words: “I’m proud of you.” Do I need to eat my words? Last week I delivered my first-ever academic paper at an international conference. Yes, I dared to stand in front of researchers who crunch data for a living and explain the common and unique variance of leaders’ use of power on people’s motivation. I studied for weeks, received tutoring from a real statistician, and practiced aloud. All for a  »  Read More

It’s Not About Records — Why Steph Curry Inspires Me

It’s Not About Records — Why Steph Curry Inspires Me thumbnail

Even if you are not a basketball fan, you are probably aware of the Stephen Curry phenomenon. If you are a fan, you admire Steph not only for the sheer fun and excitement he brings to basketball but also for how he’s changed the game itself. This season, Steph made more 3-pointers than the average NBA team did for the first 25 years that the 3-point shot existed. Steph hit 126 more shots than anybody else has ever hit — 1.53 per game over the course of an 82-game season. This is not about  »  Read More

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