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Break from the Busyness

chains breaking

If work is your life, then how do you disconnect? If you are challenged to let go even when you “aren’t at work,” perhaps it’s time to explore why. The reasons for your inability to disconnect matter. Check out my SmartBrief blog this month if you find yourself challenged to let go—even for a weekend. You might find the three tips for disconnecting from your busyness as life-changing as a busy Silicon Valley exec did. Read the article here –>  »  Read More

The Problem with Intrinsic Motivation

The Problem with Intrinsic Motivation thumbnail

What are you intrinsically motivated to do? Abundant research proves the glory of intrinsic motivation. Sounds great, but chances are you face one or more of these three problems. Intrinsic motivation is rare—especially at work. (How often during your day do you say, I’d do this even if I wasn’t getting paid?) If you are not intrinsically motivated your default option is often extrinsic motivation, proven the junk food of motivation. You’re not sure what you find intrinsically  »  Read More

Is Motivation What You Think It Is?

Is Motivation What You Think It Is? thumbnail

At the risk of challenging your basic beliefs, I hope you’ll reconsider traditional ways of acting (or stopping an action, such as a bad habit) that you might typically deem as positive. I’m asking you to consider more effective alternatives to the discipline, willpower, and externally-generated excitement that you use to motivate yourself. Read why in my June SmartBrief  »  Read More

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